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T4 Tubes

T4 fluorescent tubes are compact and easy to install, making them the ideal way to light-up kitchen counters and worktops.

These tubular bulbs use between six and eight times less energy than standard light bulbs, making them a good choice for households looking to cut down on their energy footprint and businesses looking to save money on energy costs. Furthermore, these compact fluorescent tubes last for up to 9,000 hours, so you’ll hardly ever have to replace them.

We sell a variety of sizes in wattages and lengths from different manufacturers inculding Greenbrook, Crompton and Sylvania.

T4 tubes are now being discountinued and replaced by the standard length units of T5. We still have in stock some T4 lights units.
If you are unsure of the stock availability, please call us and we will help you find the particular product or a suitable alternative.

T4 Tubes (Ø12.7mm) by length

Manufacturer CodeWatt     Cap to Cap  Pin to Pin Colour Temperature    Compatible to      
JCC LP00068 6W 205 mm 220 mm 3800K Déluce TLT6, WL4002-6W
Greenbrook MLLT6, MLLT6WW, MLLT6DL 6W 206 mm 219 mm 2700K, 3400K, 4000K Déluce TLT6, WL4002-6W
Leyton F6T4 6W 218 mm 232 mm 3400K  
Eterna N64/1 6W 220 mm ~ 3400K  
Leyton F10T4 10W 338 mm 352 mm 3400K  
Eterna N64/3 10W 341 mm ~ 3400K  
Greenbrook MLLT10, MLLT10WW, MLLT10DL 10W 356 mm 369 mm 2700K, 3400K, 4000K Déluce TLT10, WL4002-12W
JCC LP00069 10W 355 mm 370 mm 3800K Déluce TLT10, WL4002-12W
Greenbrook MLLT16, MLLT16WW, MLLT16DL 16W 455 mm 468 mm 3400K, 2700K4000K Déluce TLT16, WL4002-16W
JCC LP00070 16W 453 mm 468 mm 3800K Déluce TLT16, WL4002-16W
Leyton F16T4 16W 466 mm 480 mm 3400K  
Eterna N64/5 16W 468 mm ~ 3400K  
Greenbrook MLLT20, MLLT20WW, MLLT20DL 20W 554 mm 567 mm 3400K, 2700K4000K Déluce TLT20, WL4002-20W
JCC LP00071 20W 555 mm 570 mm 3800K Déluce TLT20, WL4002-20W
Leyton F20T4 20W 564 mm 578 mm 3400K  
Eterna N64/7 20W 567 mm ~ 3400K  
Greenbrook MLLT25, MLLT25WW, MLLT25DL
25W 638 mm 651 mm 2700K, 3400K, 4000K  
JCC LP00072 25W 638 mm 653 mm 3800K  
Leyton F30T4 * 30W 748 mm 762 mm 3400K Déluce TLT30, WL4002-30W
Greenbrook MLLT30, MLLT30WW, MLLT30CW
30W 750 mm 763 mm 2700K, 3400K, 4000K Déluce TLT30, WL4002-30W
JCC LP00073 30W 750 mm 765 mm 3800K Déluce TLT30, WL4002-30W

Compatible tubes have no line in between (without warrant, untested)

* Massive discounts if you buy several 

 We're sorry, but we no longer offer this product and it won't be available in the future.

But we instead suggest you to look for T5 fittings or LED fittings here:

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