Raoul's Cocktail Bar

Raouls Cocktail Bar, Oxford

We were particularly delighted to get a call from Raouls in Oxford for help with their lighting in 2015. We assisted the contractor in replacing a range of the LED downlights across the bar with our beloved range of Elan downlights, I'm sad to say we can't take credit for some of the more spectacular coloured lighting but all in good time.

Why was I so pleased to get this call? - Well I grew up near Raouls in Oxford and hence have happy memories of the bar, I even waited tables in there for a year back when it was a soul and funk bar all those years ago. Raouls has developed into a very famous cocktail bar now, a good friend was the bar manager there ~ 5 years ago when he won European Cocktail Maker of the year for example. So if you're in Oxford pop in for a cocktail, admire the lighting, some of which we are delighted to have supplied from Efficient Light.

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