3 Phase Track Systems

If your looking to have three different circuits that can also be controlled seperately, then the 3 phase rails will get the job done.  Available in  (L1, L2, L3), which can be combined separately with the neutral wire (N).  To be able to use the three circuits on the rail, the rail has to be connected to a power cable with five veins.

These track systems are easier to install than a 1 phase as there is more space to hide the cables and they are larger so they cover the area where your connection cable exists.   Obviously, being bigger they are also more durable and stable.  You will have the versatility to also use these as 1 and 2 phase track systems as well.  You will also have the benefit of 3x the power!

Efficient Light carry a wide selection of 3 phase track systems, all at very affordable prices!

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