Enhance your home lighting  by mixing era’s…

Our home is a reflection of our personal style which influences our mood, environment and the way our families live.   When choosing furniture, décor and accessories we often select pieces that  ensure a comfortable and relaxing space.  For new renovations, many of us will browse design magazines, search online and visit shops to ensure we select the right pieces for our homes. 

One of the most important choices in any new renovation or room enhancement,  is the style of lighting you choose.  Not only will the lighting add a warming & relaxing atmosphere to your space, it will enhance your overall mood and environment.  

Interior Designers, often recommend using a variety of light pieces where they say mixing eras and styles ensures an ideal space throughout your home.  Choose from both a vintage and modern lighting with a selection of wall spotlights , pendants and antique pieces like chandeliers with brass fittings.   Add a touch of style by by choosing ceiling spot lights , surface mounted wall lights and LED strips for under cabinet lighting.  

In the Dining room,  choose dimmers as they make such a difference in terms of lighting and for that romantic evening meal can complement the evening ambience.  In fact,  dimmers can be used throughout your home so you can switch from bright light to a relaxing evening warmth just when you need it.  

The bedroom would benefit, from matching modern bedside table lamps,  perhaps with a an antique light in the corner of the room.  Add LED strips in the hallway or under bathroom & kitchen cabinets with vintage overhead lighting to enhance your space.   Interior designers recommend you choose your furniture in a similar way.  Mix a selection of antique arm chairs with modern sofas.  Select lighting as equally carefully as you choose furniture, as this will really enhance your home. 

Many UK homes offer a wonderful natural  backdrop which is ideal for a mixed era space with a touch of antique, vintage and modern lighting to highlight the best features of your home.   A blend of eras, furniture & décor also ensure our homes are filled with elegance and a welcoming environment that your guests will envy.  Where did you find that beautiful lampshade or antique lighting?  

Efficient Light offers a range of lighting products from Antique, Modern & Vintage that is sure to suit your personal style & budget.   Browse our online catalogue of over 21,000 lighting products.  For interior design projects and personal consultations we are also happy to help.  Visit us on site in Plymouth and view our Lighting Showroom or speak to one of our representatives over the phone.  Get in Touch today!