The Benefits of LED

We can’t become rich overnight, and it’s even harder to fix the planet just as fast. However, as the advert goes, “every little helps” and it’s certainly true when it comes to LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.

It might only save you a few pounds every month, but that can add up to triple figures in just a year’s time (Evans, 2014). Installing a few LED lights might not cancel out the millions of tons of CO2 emissions that companies like Duke Energy spew into the atmosphere every year (Helman, 2013), but they could cut the emissions you produce from lighting by over 60%. So, just imagine if everyone bought LED lights.  

The benefits of LED's don’t just end there though, and whether you’re concerned with the personal impact or the environmental benefits, we think the infographic below might help convince you why we love them so much.

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