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    Hi - I know you know it's black friday....

    We're not really into Americanised gimmicks @efficient but what I will say is that if you call us we'll give you practically free lighting, free lighting design and superb project support any day (including black friday) of the year.

    In 'non black friday news' we've also go a wee new website live as of November 2015 featuring 21 000 lighting products. As you're clearly already a 'friend of efficient' we'd be happy to offer you a discount to test the new site out - just enter 'NEW10' at checkout to receive a 10% discount. You're welcome to utilise this as long as it's not considered a black friday discount code.

    If in your travels through our new webstie you find irritating features / broken links on our brand new site, we'd like to resolve them...so...if you let us know about them then you may well recieve a 'thank you' in return.

    I hope our first blog hasn't been too irritating, in future you can expect scandals, excitement and satire alongside a bit of news on the LED lighting idndustry and the odd special offer here and there.

    Thanks for your support to date.

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