1. The Benefits of LED

    The Benefits of LED

    We can’t become rich overnight, and it’s even harder to fix the planet just as fast. However, as the advert goes, “every little helps” and it’s certainly true when it comes to LED (light-emitting diode) lighting.

    It might only save you a few pounds every month, but that can add up to triple figures in just a year’s time (Evans, 2014). Installing a few LED lights might not cancel out the millions of tons of CO2 emissions that companies like Duke Energy spew into the atmosphere every year (Helman, 2013), but they could cut the emissions you produce from lighting by over 60%. So, just imagine if everyone bought LED lights.  

    The benefits of LED's don’t just end there though, and whether you’re concerned with the personal impact or the environmental benefits, we think the infographic below might help convince you why we love them so much.

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  2. Enhance your home lighting by mixing era’s…

    Enhance your home lighting  by mixing era’s…

    Our homes, are a reflection of our personal style which influence our mood, environment and the way our families live.   When choosing furniture, décor and accessories we often select pieces that represent our personal style and ensure a comfortable and relaxing space.  For new renovations, many of us will browse design magazines, search online and visit shops to ensure we select the right pieces for our homes. 

    One of the most important choices in new renovations is the style of lighting you choose.  Not only will the lighting add a warming & relaxing atmosphere to your space, it will enhance your overall mood and environment.  

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  3. Why You Need a Little Darkness

    Why You Need a Little Darkness

    Any artist or designer will tell you that negative space – visually, sonically or otherwise - is just as important as activity.

    Film directors use silence before a moment of drama to intensify a pay-off, musicians will stop the track completely to make its return even more potent, just as painters will use shadows to amplify light; and this is integral to interior design.

    Light isn’t purely functional, and those that realise how effective its contrast with darkness can be will open up their spaces and art to another level.

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  4. Interior Lighting Tips for Your Home

    Interior Lighting Tips for Your Home

    Home Lighting Techniques

    Many people underestimate the power of interior lighting in their homes; however, the right lighting has the power to completely transform a space. From home offices to kitchens, interior lighting serves a specific purpose within each room, so it's important to get the lighting right according to each individual room. Additionally, the right lighting can completely set the mood of the room and can complement the rest of the interiors.

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  5. Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Truly Relaxing Space

    Bedroom Lighting Ideas for a Truly Relaxing Space

    Often, one of the most overlooked areas of bedroom interior design is the lighting configuration. People are often under the illusion that, because bedrooms should be a space to inspire sleep, lighting is simply not important. However, this is one of the most important areas of interior design which should never be disregarded. Lighting can turn your space into a truly functional, relaxing room that will be suited to a range of activities. These bedroom lighting ideas will turn even the most dimly-lit room into a cosy, comforting space that you'll never want to leave - especially on those cold winter mornings.

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