Residential & Commercial Lighting

Affordable Residential Lighting

Here at Efficient Light we offer a variety of lights and light fittings that are ideal for your home or commercial space.  Choose from energy efficient LED Light Bulbs and shop our top lighting manufacturers including Elstead Lighting, Intalight SLV,  Searchlight Lighting and Astro Lighting  . Use our lighting search bar or menu and  browse through over 21,000 lighting options - which include everything from  a selection of lamp shades & desk lamps to kitchen, bathroom and Livingroom lighting.



Economical Commercial Lighting

We offer a wide selection of lighting options for your commercial lighting which is ideal for your retail, warehouse, emergency, commercial and office lighting.   With over half of our stock available in LED - commercial lighting is affordably priced and economical for business.   We also offer a full lighting installation service which is ideal for commercial customers who need to purchase and have lighting install done on their behalf.   Efficient Light has been operating since 2005 and have helped many thousands of customers to improve their lighting and reduce running costs.

Lighting Design Solutions

If your building or refurbishing a property, we can help you design and specify your lighting and offer a full installation and project planning which is ideal for builders, developers & architects.   We  provide tech specs and lighting calculations using Relux and detailed design / product guidance.  We have well over 12 years experience and have assisted a wide variety of clients across the UK, Europe, Dubai, Bermuda and the Mauritius.  Our high end lighting solutions are ideal for Victorian & Estates who require very specific lighting solutions.  Please get in touch for more information. 

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