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Lit Shelves and Mirrors

Illuminated low energy shelves available from Efficient Light.  We offer several different models of lit shelves, all low energy and the perfect finishing touch to bathroom lighting, kitchen schemes and can also be used in bedrooms, lounges and many commercial applications.

Available here are both LED lit shelves and low energy or fluorescent illuminated shelves of various designs.  If you need assistance please feel free to ask for help.

We also offer a range of illuminated mirrors perfect for any new bathroom or wet room application.  Lit mirrors will stayclear due to the heat off the lamps, very useful for shaving after a shower.  Also a nice aesthetic touch and background lighting option for lounging in the bath.  We offer a range of LED and low energy mirror lights.

Saxby IP44 10W Wall Mirror Bathroom Florence Saxby 18680
Saxby Ione Single IP44 Light Saxby 37350
8W Illuminated Hanging Rail HRAIL-8W
8W Utensil Rack (illuminated) UTENSIL8W
13W Illuminated Hanging Rail HRAIL-13W
13w Utensil Rack (illuminated) UTENSIL13W
Venice Light Shelf (fluorescent) VLSF
Saxby Cubita 1lt Wall 28w G9 SAXBY35120
Twin Cristillo LE bathroom luminaire with glass shelf JC52043
Venice Lightshelf LED VLSLED
Saxby 2D 28W Round Grill IP54 SAXBY-3171LA
Mirror lamp, DP 118 R7s, chrome, max. 60W SLV146782
CREST 1 wall lamp SLV151695
CREST 2 wall lamp SLV151691
Wall lamp, GL 102 CURVE, white plaster, R7s 78mm, max. 100W SLV148012
Wall lamp, WL 103 E14, oval, white glass, max.40W SLV155240
Verona LED Shelf VERONA
Light Shelf Major LSHELF
HARI wall lamp, 1xG9 SLV151674
Saxby IP44 0.07W Toba Wall Mirror Bathroom Saxby 51898
Saxby IP44 25W Spot Round Bathroom Lopo five Saxby 13814
MIBO STRAIGHT mirror lamp, 2xG9 SLV146390
Illuminated Mirror - (l600x600) squares Samoa
Saxby Tsuru Mirror 8w t5 saxby39781
Nevers Mirror TP3040
MIBO CURVE mirror lamp, 2xG9 SLV146392
Shelf light major - 1200mm LSHELF120
LED Bathroom Striplight TONGA
LED over mirror Angled LOMBOK
LED SHELL wall lamp, round, black, LED, 4W, warm white SLV151370
LED SHELL wall lamp, round, white, LED, 4W, warm white SLV151371
Saxby IP44 15W Wall Mirror - shaver Bathroom Glimpse HF saxby 13885
Saxby IP44 0.56W Wall Mirror Bathroom Mareh Saxby 13758
ZENIT wall lamp, silvergrey, frosted glass. G24d-2, 18W SLV151932
Hawaii LED Make Up Mirror Hawaii
JAVA Mirror with perimeter LEDS JAVA
Nevers Mirror TP3041
Minsk mirror light JC52003
Bali Mirror With 60 LEDs BALI
Visage make-up mirror JC52035
Saxby IP44 6W Liz Mirror Wall Bathroom Saxby 52034
JESSY wall lamp, WL-4 LED, white, 4W, warm white SLV147031
FIJI LED Backlit Mirror FIJI
SEDO 14 SLV151762
SEDO 21 SLV151772
NEW SHELL WALL, wall lamp, WL-1, white, TC-DE 26W SLV150471
Saxby  IP44 1.05W Wall Mirror - shaver Bathroom Omega Saxby 39237
Saxby  IP44 2.1W Wall Mirror - shaver Bathroom Perle Saxby 13760
Saxby IP44 1.68W Wall Mirror - shaver Bathroom Spegel saxby 13759
BOWTOW GLASS shelf lamp, T5, chrome SLV157472
FLAT 121 wall lamp, square, alu, frosted glass, G5, 21W SLV157192
SHELL wall lamp HQI 150W, white, incl. electronic ballast SLV150631
SHELL wall lamp HQI 70W, white , incl. electronic ballast SLV150331
NEW SHELL WALL, wall lamp, WL-2, silvergrey, Rx7s 150W SLV150494
NEW SHELL WALL, wall lamp, WL-2, white, Rx7s 150W SLV150491
Saxby IP44 2.25W Wall Mirror - shaver Bathroom Beta Saxby 39233
FLAT 221 wall lamp, square, alu, frosted glass, G5, 2x21W SLV157202
Slot mirror light JC52041
Visage LED Mirror Light JC52047
Visage LED Mains IP44 (Zone 2) Mirror Light c/w Demister Pad JC52045
Visage LED Mirror Light JC52046