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Lighting Transformers & LED Drivers

Lighting Transformers

Transformers for both LED and halogen downlights. Transformers reduce the power supply from 240V to 12V/24V and are primarily utilised in bathrooms and for exterior applications.

Gearboxes (electronic ballast) are demanded by metal halide lights.

Connection Blocks CONNECTBLOCK
Saxby 12V 20W - 60W  transformer Control gear Indoor  Accessory Saxby ET60R
Connector strip for series connection of LED products, 3 outlets, incl. 2 bridges SLV111850
12V 60W electronic transformer - 1.5M 3way AMP ET60T-2
LED Power Supply - 18W 12V 1.5A Plastic (3017 VT-3017
LED Power Supply - 60W 12V 5A Plastic (3008) VT-23060
LED Power Supply - 30W 12V 2.5A Plastic (3007) VT-3007
Saxby 12V transformer 105W Accessory Control gear Indoor dimmable saxby 13750
12V LED Driver 6W - 100W DRV12
24V LED Driver 6W - 75W DRV24
12V 10-60W transformer X60-1.5M-AMP3
Fireguard LV Downlight with Transformer JC94004
Deltech 10W LED Driver 12V10DC
LED Power Supply - 42W 12V 3.5A Plastic (3016) VT-3016
V-TAC LED Power Supply 60W 12V 5A Metal Rainproof (3070) VT-21060
Saxby 20W 350mA LED driver constant current Indoor Accessory Control gear Saxby 46896
12V 10-60W Pre-wired transformer with auto-reset JC4030
Aurora 18W 700mA Constant Current LED Driver AU-LED7018CC
12V 20-105W transformer X105-2M-AMP6
Pre-wired transformer with auto reset 20-60VA JC4018
LED driver, 350 mA, 3-6LED SLV464301
LED Power Supply - 30W 12V 2.5A Plastic with BS Plug (3030) VT-3030
LED driver, 700 mA, 2-3LED SLV464302
Electronic transformer 12V, 105VA SLV461310
Electronic transformer FN I, 12V, 60VA SLV461067
Connector strip for series connection of LED products, 6 outlets, incl. 3 bridges SLV111860
Mini transformer II, 12V, 60VA SLV461062
Mini transformer, 12V, 60VA SLV461060
LED Power Supply - 80W 12V 6.5A Plastic (3019) VT-3019
V-TAC LED Power Supply 80W 12V 6.6A Metal Rainproof (3069) VT-21180
Constant current LED driver 350MA JC4100
36W LED Driver (for MR16 LED Spots) 36WLEDDRIVER03
48W LED Driver (for MR16 LED Spots) 48WLEDDRIVER03
Constant current LED driver 750MA JC4101
Constant voltage LED driver 15/24V JC4102
12V 35-105W transformer with Touch Dimming Facility LVDIM02
LED Power Supply - 42W 12V 3.5A Plastic with BS plug (3031) VT-3031
Loop in/loop out high performance electronic transformer JC4220
High performance electronic transformer JC4020
Transformer - three outputs with thermal reset 3x35VA JC4013
HOLE transformer, 70VA SLV461050
IP44 transformer, 12V, 10VA SLV451010
Electronic transformer FN II, 12V, 105VA SLV461107
LED driver, 3VA, 350 mA, incl. strain relief SLV464108
LED driver, 3VA, 700 mA, incl. strain relief SLV464200
LED power unit, 12W, 12V SLV470507
LED power unit, 12W, 24V SLV470502
Saxby 18W 350mA Dimmable LED driver constant voltage Indoor Accessory Control gear Saxby 46897
Saxby Accessory Control gear Outdoor 12V transformer 50W IP68 saxby 10552
LED Power Supply - 60W 12V 5A Plastic with BS Plug (3032) VT-3032
10w, 12v LED driver PDC1012V
350mA LED power supply PLU 350 1-9
10w, 24v LED driver PDC1024V
Electronic transformer FN III, 12V, 150VA SLV461157
Saxby IP65 24W 12V LED driver constant voltage Display Control gear Accessory Saxby 51925
Constant voltage LED driver 30/24V JC4103
LED Power Supply - 250W 12V 20.7A Metal Rainproof VT-21250
Ragoza Power IP65 LED Flexi Strip Controller 30W Single Colour 5m Maximum JC71214
Meanwell LED Power Supply 75w vt-3207
700mA power supply PLU/700 3-9
IP68 electronic transformer JC4021
Plug and play PLU/350 1-9 PLU/PP/350 1-9