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Wall Lights

Wall Lights and Light Fittings Recessed

Wall Lights - recessed, up/down, up lights

A selection of wall lights including low energy recessed wall lights, LED Wall Lights  and Spotlights.

Looking for Outdoor Wall Lights instead?

Almeria ceramic uplight JC9017LE
Dorchester double wall light JC52024
Albi Wall Light ceramic JC9028LE
Saturn LED Fittiing SATURN-4K
Andaz Lg Flush TP3245
Orbits 56420/48/10
Mexico downlight (square/small) TP2090
Celest round wall light 6W JC89006
Victoria wall light brass base JC10008-1
Wall lamp, WL 149 G9, rectangular, chrome, G9 max. 2x42W SLV149502
Wall lamp, WL 149 G9, rectangular, matt white, G9 max. 2x42W SLV149501
THEO up/down GU10 wall lamp, square, alu brushed, max. 2x50W SLV152089
THEO up/down GU10 wall lamp, square, silvergrey, max. 2x50W SLV152082
THEO up/down GU10 wall lamp, square, white, max. 2x50W SLV152081
SQUARE WALL wall lamp, square, silvergrey, GU10, max. 50W SLV151390
ENOLA_B up/down wall lamp , silvergrey/black, GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151804
ENOLA_B up/down wall lamp , white, GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151801
ANDREAS wall lamp, silvergrey SLV151400
ALTRA DICE SPOT 2, silvergrey/black. GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151534
ALTRA DICE SPOT 2, white. GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151531
ASTINA up/down wall lamp, round, silvergrey, GU10, max. 2x50W, frosted glass SLV151901
MELAN ceiling lamp, round, alu brushed, frosted glass, E27, max. 60W SLV155236
LIGHT EYE BALL wall lamp, chrome/white SLV149031
OSSA R7s wall lamp, oval, white, R7s 78mm, max. 100W SLV151451
OVA Wall, 2XGU10 SLV147112
QUADRA 44 downlight SLV111482
QUADRA 44 wall lamp SLV111492
Louisiana IP64 Single (up or down) Wall Light FOZ 415052
Up and Down Wall Light CER-LOR
Bodo mirror wall light JC52031
Minsk double wall light JC52002
Celest square wall light JC89001
Elda uplight JC9016
ENOLA_B SPOT II, silvergrey/ black, GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151834
ENOLA_B SPOT II, white, GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151831
DENA II wall lamp, E14, alu brushed SLV147529
CALMA wall lamp SLV151442
CYLOVA wall lamp SLV151624
BOWTOW wall lamp for S14D bulbs, chrome SLV157322
BIG SURA WALL wall lamp, chrome SLV157242
BARRO up/down wall lamp, WL-1, silvergrey, GU10, max. 2x50W SLV151910
ASTO IV GU10 spot, alu brushed SLV147444
ASTO TUBE Wall lamp, alu brushed, 1xGU10, max. 75W SLV146416
ASTO TUBE Wall lamp, white, 1xGU10, max. 75W SLV146411
ALTRA DICE wall lamp, WL-2, silvergrey, GU10, max. 50W SLV151564
ALTRA DICE wall lamp, WL-2, white, GU10, max. 50W SLV151561
NEPRO WALL for R7s, max. 200W, silvergrey SLV151982
PEMA LED wall lamp, warm white LED SLV231012
PEMA LED wall lamp, white LED SLV231011
OSSA R7s wall lamp, oval, alu brushed, R7s 78mm, max. 100W SLV151456
NEW ANDREAS wall lamp, silvergrey SLV151424
LASSON wall lamp, WL-3, beige, E27 SLV155341
LASSON wall lamp, WL-3, black, E27 SLV155340
LIGHT EYE I wall and ceiling lamp, 1xES111 SLV149042
KALU 1 wall and ceiling lamp, alu brushed, 50W max., QRB111 SLV147256
KALU 1 wall and ceiling lamp, white, 50W max., QRB111 SLV147251
KALU II ES111, single SLV147706
JESSY wall lamp, WL-2 ES111, white, GU10, max. 75W SLV147011
White pane for wall / pendulum lamp I-LINE SLV157031
Z 211 wall lamp, metal brushed, partially satined glass, G23, 2x111W SLV147455