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Wall Lights

Wall Lights and Light Fittings Recessed

Wall Lights - recessed, up/down, up lights

A selection of wall lights including low energy recessed wall lights, LED Wall Lights  and Spotlights.

Looking for Outdoor Wall Lights instead?

Delaunay Bar TP4164
Marseilles Double Wall Light TP4762
Single Cristillo LE bathroom luminaire JC52044
Beauvais Square TP4692
Bodo wall light JC52028
ASTO TUBE I Ceiling lamp, alu brushed, 1xGU10, max. 75W SLV147421
ASTO TUBE I Ceiling lamp, white, 1xGU10, max. 75W SLV147411
ALTRA DICE SPOT 1, silvergrey/black. GU10, max. 50W SLV151524
ALTRA DICE SPOT 1, white. GU10, max. 50W SLV151521
CREST 1 wall lamp SLV151695
CREST 2 wall lamp SLV151691
DARIUS wall and ceiling lamp SLV151635
Metz Double Wall Light TP4532
HARI wall lamp, 1xG9 SLV151674
INDA Spot, alu brushed, GU10, 50W max. SLV147559
INDA Spot, matt white, GU10, 50W max. SLV147551
MINI EYE LED OUT, warm white LED, stainless steel housing SLV230852
SQUARE DICE, wall and ceiling lamp, square, silvergrey, GU10, max. 50W SLV151132
Suspension set for TEC 2/4/6 QRB, silvergrey SLV149150
Wall lamp, WL 149 R7s, rectangular, chrome, R7s 78mm, max. 60W SLV149472
Wall lamp, WL 149 R7s, rectangular, matt white, R7s 78mm, max. 60W SLV149471
Punti Plate/Spiral LED 579053136
Ledino wall lantern 168089316
Porto LED Recessed Spot Plate 579704881
Cesena ceramic wall light with glass base JC9027
Up and Down Wall Light CER-DON
Radius ceramic uplight JC9006LE
Light Shelf Major LSHELF
Beauvais TP4694
Minsk wall light JC52001
Denia Wall Light JC9042
Regalo uplight low energy * JC9005LE
Aurora Bathroom Light AU-BLL825
Brescia uplight (PL fitting) JC9014LE
Genova ceramic uplights low energy* JC9002LE
Garda ceramic uplight JC9013GLLE
Linz uplight wedge for QPAR16 lamp JC47023
Bodo wall light JC52029
Ceramic LED Wall Light CER-ADR
ML 02 LED wall light ML02
Latino wall light JC9033
JESSY wall lamp, WL-3 G9, white, max. 42W SLV147021
KOKO II up/down wall lamp, G9 , alu brushed SLV147479
MIBO WALL up/down, 2xG9 SLV151282
QUADRASYL D outdoor lamp for ceiling mounting, silvergrey SLV111131
ONIO wall lamp, 1xR7s SLV157404
CHROMBO TC-S, wall lamp, chrome, 11W SLV155260
CHROMBO TC-S, Wall lamp, white, 11W SLV155261
CHROMBO wall lamp, G9 SLV151462
ENNA GU10 wall lamp SLV151912
ENOLA_B SPOT I, silvergrey/ black, GU10, max. 50W SLV151824
ENOLA_B SPOT I, white, GU10, max. 50W SLV151821
DENA I wall lamp, E14, alu brushed SLV147519
ASTO III GU10 spot, alu brushed SLV147443
Wall lamp, WL 104 E27, round, white glass, max. 60W SLV155250
Wall lamp, WL 105 E14, chrome, double glass, E14, max. 40W SLV149482
Wall lamp, GL 103 T5, square, white plaster, T5 8W SLV148011
TANI wall lamp, R7s, alu brushed SLV147566
TANI wall lamp, R7s, chrome SLV147562
Philips Jarno Power LED 667058710
Andaz Sm Flush TP3244