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Wall Lights

Wall Lights and Light Fittings Recessed

Wall Lights - recessed, up/down, up lights

A selection of wall lights including low energy recessed wall lights, LED Wall Lights  and Spotlights.

Looking for Outdoor Wall Lights instead?

Tunis Wall Bracket TP2231
Parma uplight JC9007
Popova Double Wall Light TP4152
Canberra Wall Light TP2501
Tokyo Wall Light TP2021
Verona uplight JC9010
Brescia Up light (ES fitting) JC9014
Canberra Wall Light SB TP2521
LED Wall/floor Light 1W L7
AITES 16 LED surface mounted lamp, alu brushed, warm white LED SLV230252
AITES 16 LED surface mounted lamp, alu brushed, white LED SLV230251
Metropolitan Triple Wall Bracket TP3163
Seoul Wall Light TP2612
Kathmandu Wall Light TP2222
Florence uplight JC9009
Brindisi wall light JC9034
Metropolitan Triple Wall Bracket (Polished Brass) TP3363
Prizzi wall light JC9031
Monarch wall light chrome base JC10006
Amman LE wall light TP2622
Brindisi wall light JC9035
Muscat PIR Outdoor Fixtures TP2799
Vaduz TP2704
Brindisi wall light JC9036
Toledo uplight JC9019
Garda low energy uplight* JC9013LE
Garda uplight JC9013GL
Parma uplight JC9013
Dorchester Double Wall Bracket TP3152
Amman Double Wall Light TP3142
Prizzi wall light with black base JC9032
Metropolitan Double Wall Bracket (Polished Brass) TP3362
MINI BEAM wall lamp SLV151490
ALTRA DICE wall lamp, WL-1, silvergrey/black, GU10, max. 35W SLV151504
ALTRA DICE wall lamp, WL-1, white, GU10, max. 35W SLV151501
AITES 20 LED surface mounted lamp, alu brushed, warm white LED SLV230262
AITES 20 LED surface mounted lamp, alu brushed, white LED SLV230261
ASTO II GU10 spot, alu brushed SLV147442
DIO FLEX PLATE, wall lamp, chrome, GU10, max. 50W SLV146692
Wall lamp, GL 102 CURVE, white plaster, R7s 78mm, max. 100W SLV148012
Wall lamp, WL 103 E14, oval, white glass, max.40W SLV155240
Carino Wall Lamp EGGPLANT 36922/32/LI
Carino Wall Lamp WHITE 36922/31/LI
ARP TP4182
Monarch wall light brass base JC10005
Algiers LE wall light TP2632
Triana Double Wall Light TP2142
LED wall light ML04
Fiocco Wall Light 455671416
Cadiz uplight JC9024
Cherbourge Double Wall Light TP4812
Andaz wall light (med) TP3243
Cherbourge Double Wall Light TP4512
New Delhi Double Wall Light TP3132
Tawawa Double Wall Light TP2582
Toledo uplight JC9018
Victoria wall light chrome base JC10009
ML 03 LED wall light ML03
Vigo Wall Light JC9041
Lusaka Double Wall Light TP2562
Cesena wall light with front glass JC9026
Dorchester Double Wall Bracket (Antique Brass) TP3352
Victoria Wall light Brass Base JC10007
Albi Wall Light ES JC9028