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Table Lamps and Floor Lamps

Low energy table lamps and floor lamps.

Roseau Double Floor (Chrome) TP2419
Twin adjustable LED display spotlight DS03
London Floor Lamp TP2069
3w adjustable LED display spotlight DS04
Dorchester Floor Lamp (Antique Brass) TP3359
Dorchester Floor Lamp TP3159
Aldwych Table Lamp TP3260
Kathmandu Floor lamp TP2229
Montague Floor Lamp TP3259
CUBIX I lamp, GU10, 25W SLV132832
Aldwych Floor Lamp TP3269
NEW BANKERS table lamp, chrome, white glass, max. 60W SLV146192
LASSON table lamp, TL-1, round, black, E27 SLV155600
Colour changing light injector for FIBRE LED 1/30 FIBRE LED LIGHT RGB
Saxby 50397 28W Chase 1lt Floor Saxby 50397
DECREDO table lamp, round, black textile, E27, max. 60W SLV155440
ACCANTO table lamp, square, beige textile, E27, max. 60W SLV155452
SOPRANA SOLID table lamp, TL-1, round, grey - beige textile, E27, max. 40W SLV155700
SOPRANA table lamp, TL-2, round, beige textile, E27 SLV155353
SOPRANA table lamp, TL-2, round, white textile, E27 SLV155352
Casella  Floorstand 378033116
Beaufort Floor Lamp (Polished Brass) TP3409
Beaufort Floor Lamp TP3209
DEWI Desk SLV146209
BISHADE table lamp, TL-1, E27 SLV155651
CUBIX II lamp, GU10, 25W SLV132842
SOPRANA table lamp, TL-1, round, beige textile, E27 SLV155412
Vidal Floor lamp with LED Adjsutable reading light 42233/30/23
11W Aero Triple Light (Floor Light) FOZ 531692
11W Aero x4 Light (Floor Light) FOZ 582698
DEWI Floor SLV146509
LASSON floor lamp, SL-1, round, black, E27 SLV155610
CYGNIS LED table lamp SLV146046
SOPRANA floor lamp, SL-2, round, beige textile, E27 SLV155363
SOPRANA floor lamp, SL-2, round, white textile, E27 SLV155362
SOPRANA floor lamp, SL-3, beige textile, E27 SLV155633
SOPRANA floor lamp, SL-1, round, beige textile, E27 SLV155422
BISHADE floor lamp, SL-1, E27 SLV155652
WORK LIGHT FLOOR, floor lamp, silvergrey, 2G11, 4x55W SLV157152