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Bulkhead and Flush Lights

Suitable for use on walls and ceilings

2 light low voltage overhead T-BAR OPEN
LED black Bricklight DINO
16w 2d round maximo bulkhead opal MX16BO/MX16WO
2D Round Maximo Bulkhead MX16WP
LED Bulkhead with Glass Diffuser and Wire Cage DEAN-B
LED round wall light with synthetic diffuser ASHDOWN
Elegenti LED Surface Light JC71130
Bangkok Wall Light TP2782
Lunar 16W 2d Decorative High Low Energy Compact Fluorescent Luminiare LUN16WO
28W 2D Maximo fitting in opal mx28bo/mx28WO
Maximo 2D round bulkhead 28w MX28BP/MX28WP
Decorative High Frequency Low Energy compact Fluorescent Luminaire LUN16
Recessed wall up/down light 14 LEDs L9
Tiblisi Small Flush TP2102
16 LED recessed wall/floor Light 1W L10
Bridgetown Outdoor Fixture TP2781
Orino wall/ceiling light JC22010
Gabon Indoor Flush TP2174
Lunar 28W 28 2D Decorative High Frequency Low Energy compact Fluorescent Luminaire LUN28WO
Voss wall light JC52032
Oslo 1726/01/47
Maximo round bulkhead JC23001
Maximo round low energy wall/ceiling light JC23001HF
Dix Flush TP4040P
Riga wall/ceiling light JC52016
Dix Flush TP4040W
LYX IP65 9W Up/Down Light FOZ 511733 / 511757
Aro Ceiling Light 32005/31/10
Havana Small TP2152
Vinto wall/ceiling light 300mm JC8009
Tiblisi Large Flush TP2103
Sarajevo bulkhead TP2101
Maximo round emergency 3hr maintained fitting for TC-DD lamp JC23003
Maximo round emergency low energy wall/ceiling light JC23003HFT3M
Nassau Flush TP2172
Gabon Indoor Flush TP2175
Dix Flush TP4040L
Island Ceiling Light 32066/31/10
Maximo square wall/ceiling light JC23004
Maximo round low energy wall/ceiling light JC23002HF
Maximo round wall/ceiling light JC23002
Athena crystal ceiling light JC7010
Beauvais Square TP4692
San Jose Bulkhead TP2071
Zanzibar 17107/47/10
Ceiling lamp, GL 104 E27, square, white plaster, max. 15W SLV148002
DARIUS wall and ceiling lamp SLV151635
Orino wall/ceiling light JC22011
Maximo square low energy wall/ceiling light JC23005HF
Maximo square wall/ceiling light JC23005
Stockholm Round Flush TP2450
Lunar 14w LED Decorative High Low Energy Compact Fluorescent LUN14-LED-WO
Beauvais TP4694
Bandar ceiling light (small) TP2082
Vigor LED bulkhead saxby46428
Sofia 2 Med Square Flush TP2162
Delaunay Square TP4163
Stockholm Ceiling Fitting - Flush TP2456
Saxby 16W IP20 Plume Flush Function Indoor Saxby 46427
Salvador Bulkhead TP2100
Havana Large TP2153
Ceiling lamp, GL 105 E27, round, white plaster, max. 15W SLV148001
SUN ceiling lamp, E27 SLV134221