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Light Bulbs - Dimmable

Diammable Light Bulbs from Efficient Light

Many of our dimmable low energy light bulbs are available in a variety of different cap types to fit a wide range of different light fittings.

There are three main types of dimmable energy saving bulbs;

-  smooth dimming low energy light bulbs, these work exactly like a normal dimmable bulb and are compatible with most dimmer switches

-  switch dimming energy saving bulbs, this variety work on normal on/off switches and can dim by flicking the switch on and off.  This is difficult to explain in writing but actually provides a very sensible solution and works very well in practice.  No need for re-wiring or debate about the correct brightness to suit a location these simply work in a wide range of applications and can be dimmed for soft mood lighting - perfect.

-  the third type of dimming low energy bubs are step dimmers or dors dimming bulbs.  This type of lamp works on a normal on / off switch and by turning them on and off they reduce down through 4 light levels.  Very useful for certain applications.

20W G4 Halogen Capsule 20WG4
28W G9 Halogen Capsule 28WG9
Sylvania 35W GY6.35 35WGY635
50W Halogen GU10 50WHALOGENGU10
Osram Halostar Energy Saver 35W (≈ 50W) GY6.35 OS 64432
Osram Halostar Energy Saver 50W (≈ 75W) GY6.35 OS 64440
Energy Saving' Halogen 40W (Halopar GU10) 40W Halogen ES
Energy Saving' Halogen 20W (GU10) 20WENERGYSAVINGHALOGEN(GU10)
Energy Saving' Halogen 20W (MR16) 20WOSRAMDECOSTAR(MR16)
Energy Saving Halogen 28W (Halopar GU10) 28W Halogen ES
Energy Saving' Halogen 50W (MR16) 50WOSRAMDECOSTAR(MR16)
GLS Energy Saving Halogen (28W) BC/ES HALOGEN28WGLS
GLS Energy Saving Halogen (42W) BC/ES HALOGEN42WGLS
Energy Saving Halogen 65W (AR111) 65WOSRAMHALOSPOT111ES
Energy Saving Halogen 35W (AR111) 35WOSRAMHALOSPOT111ES
Energy Saving Halogen 50W (AR111) 50WOSRAMHALOSPOT111ES
7W Megaman low energy spotlight (GU10) D405
Fully Switch Dimmable 20W Spiral  (BC/ES) FLUXSWITCHDIMMABLE
Smooth Dimming 7W Micro Candle (BC/SBC/ES/SES) CL407D
Smooth Dimming 9W Micro Candle (BC/SBC/ES/SES) CL809D
Fully Dimmable 20W Spiral  (BC/ES) FLUXFULLYDIMMABLE
11W Smooth Dimming Traditional Bulb  (BC/ES) GSU111D
11W 4stage Dimming Traditional Bulb (BC/ES) GSU111S
11W Stage Dimming low energy spotlight (GU10) D60
Smooth Dimming low energy spotlight 11W (GU10) BR1411D
Aurora 7W LED GLS Cree CTA Dimmable Lamp - warm white AU-GLSB2207/CTA
Smooth Dimming Par 38 Reflector 20W (ES only) BR0618D
11W 4Stage Dimming low energy spotlight (GU10) BR1411S
LED dimmable spotlight 9W (MR16) 9WMR16
HF Dimmable ceiling spot 5122HF