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JCC Lighting Discontinued Items

JCC Lighting are forever updating their product range.  This is both a blessing and an irritation as the quality and effciency of products is continually being improved.  Having said that keeping up to date with JCC Lighting and their current range is a challenge both for us as sellers and yourselves as our clients.

To make this even more difficult we do our best to make alternative product recommendations for clients to find JCC's and our suggested new product / range.

Therefore within this section you will find a list of the JCC discontinued items with alternative suggestions.  We do our best to maintain this but please also feel free to contact us on 0800 043 8893 to discuss whether stock remains or if we have alternatives in mind.

Thanks for looking - Efficient Light

End cap JC88012
Astor downlight  JC3080 JC3080
Standard eyeball downlight  JC3009 JC3009
Ceiling bracket connector JC88013
Astor mini tiltable downlight  JC3083 JC3083
Mini twist & lock tiltable downlight JC3064
Astor downlight with drop glass  JC3081 JC3081
Astor tiltable downlight  JC3082 JC3082
Downlight for Par20 lamp  JC2005 JC2005
R80 Downlight Brass R80DLBR
Astor square downlight  JC3084 JC3084
Halogen glass downlights  JC2049 JC2049
Glass downlight  JC3045 JC3045
Concealed track connector JC88006
Downlight for Par30 lamp  JC2006 JC2006
Power feed JC88004
Astor square downlight with drop glass  JC3085 JC3085
TOSCA Metal Halide ES111 Downlight JC87033
Mistral flood JC45001
Ceiling plate black  JC16092 JC16092
Linz single wall spotlight JC47021
PAR20 Eyeball Downlight Brass JC2019 BR
Astor serrated edge downlight  JC3044 JC3044
Wire suspension kit JC88015
Eyeball for Par20 lamp  JC2019 JC2019
IP65 bathroom downlight  JC3043 JC3043
Barndoor silver  JC16090 JC16090
Astor square downlight for HiSpot ES50  JC2029 JC2029
Eyeball for Par30 lamp  JC2020 JC2020
Halogen glass eyeball downlight  JC2050 JC2050
Glass eyeball downlight  JC3046 JC3046
Eyeball for HiSpot ES50  JC2021 JC2021
IP44 bathroom downlight  JC3006 JC3006
1000W PIR JC68004
Ultimo fixed - 55? floodlight  JC87018 JC87018
Bonito stem drop ceiling spotlight  JC13051 JC13051
Mini scoop downlight  JC3060 JC3060
Astor downlight with drop glass for HiSpot ES50  JC2027 JC2027
Downlight for HiSpot ES63  JC2008 JC2008
Astor square downlight with drop glass for HiSpot ES50  JC2028 JC2028
12 degrees Reflector JC97030
Crystal round  JC3071 JC3071
Crystal square  JC3072 JC3072
Eyeball for HiSpot ES63  JC2022 JC2022
Nord wall/ceiling spotlight  JC13060 JC13060
60° reflector JC97032
60° reflector JC97035
12 degrees Reflector JC97033
24° reflector JC97034
Corner mounting bracket for JC29004/29006  JC29018 JC29018
Twin Lightbox PAR30 (E27) White JC21014 WH
ProEclipse white floodlight  JC16082 JC16082
Retesca Double Lightbox MR16 silver JC21030 SIL
Downlight for Golfball lamp  JC2011 JC2011
Bathroom downlight  JC2010 JC2010
24° reflector JC97031
Large white shade, chrome trim  JC24027 JC24027
Large cream shade, brass trim  JC24026 JC24026
IP65 bathroom downlight  JC3007 JC3007
L connector - left sided earth JC88008
L connector - right sided earth JC88007
Flexible elbow connector JC88011
Track connector with power feed JC88014
Brass Coral Rim c/w Drop Glass JC5149