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Fozz Lighting

Fozz lighting is fast becoming one of the highest quality, modern and stylish range of energy saving lighting.

Fozz lighting has a contemporary design, providing comfortable atmospheric lighting throughout peoples homes.

Energy saving Fozz Lighting features a range of professional and residential fittings with Downlights, Spotlights, Table Lamps, Suspensions Systems and outdoor lighting.

We also offer trade and project discounts on significant orders and if you have a lighting scheme or refubishment we can assist you in designing it and specifying Fozz Lighting products.

Opera recessed downlight FOZ 512365
Arabella Pendant FOZ 512259
Salsa Flexible Arm Wall Light FOZ 512549
Salsa Short Arm Wall Light FOZ 512525
Oya Articulated Arm Double Wall Light FOZ 512369
Cronos 13W recessed downlight FOZ 512420
Hydra IP64 downlight FOZ 510477
Salsa Articulated Arm Wall Light FOZ 512563
Callisto 13W Fixed Spotlight FOZ 514327
LYX IP65 9W Up/Down Light FOZ 511733 / 511757
Mega AR111 Track Spot FOZ 566771
Titan recessed ceiling light FOZ 589141
Opus table lamp FOZ 512655
Arizona Single (up/down) Wall Light FOZ 41505
Nevada - 13W Spotlight FOZ 511917
Opus floor lamp FOZ 512662
Ice Walkover IP65 9W Recessed Floor Light FOZ 511856
Arizona Double (Up and Down) Wall Light FOZ 415045
11W Aero Single Light (Recessed) FOZ 521316
Louisiana IP64 Single (up or down) Wall Light FOZ 415052
11W Aero Double Light (Recessed) FOZ 523612
Louisiana Double (Up and Down) Wall Light FOZ 415069
11W Aero Triple Light (Recessed) FOZ 529813
11W Aero Double Light (Suspended) FOZ 591496
11W Aero 4 Light Square (Recessed) FOZ 527141
11W Aero 4 Light (Recessed) FOZ 521896
11W Aero Triple Light (Floor Light) FOZ 531692
11W Aero x4 Light (Floor Light) FOZ 582698
11W Aero Triple Light (Suspended) FOZ 593319
11W Aero 4 light square (Suspended) FOZ 573327
11W Aero 4 light (Suspended) FOZ 591111