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LED Striplights & Profiles

LED Strips

Linear LED Solutions for use indoors or out. Wall washing, cove lighting and lots of imaginative lighting applications.

10mm high output tape - Warm White FX5050-24-WW
10mm high output tape - Warm White FX5050-12-WW
10mm high output tape - White FX5050-24-WH
10mm high output tape - White FX5050-12-WH
10mm IP high output tape FX5050-24-IP
1200mm Cool White/ Warm white LED Striplight ZEUS-120
12mm stablished tape LED-FX01
250 mm Linkable LED Strip Light SL-LED-250
300mm High Output Warm White Led Linkable profile ALP-300-WW
300mm High Output White Led Linkable profile ALP-300-WH
330 mm Linkable LED Strip Light SL-LED-330
40W LED Waterproof Light Fitting 6000K (6061) VT-6061
450mm Cool White/Warm white LED Striplight ZEUS-45
500mm Link lead for ALP range ALP-LINK500
50mm joining lead LC-LINK50
50mm Link lead for ALP range ALP-LINK50
550 mm Linkable LED Strip Light SL-LED-550
600mm Cool White/Warm White LED Striplight ZEUS-60
60W LED Waterprrof Light Fitting 6000K (6062) VT-6062
8mm 12v colour change tape FX30-RGB
8mm 24V colour change tape (60 LEDs per m) FXLED-24RGB
8mm colour change tape FX30-IPRGB
8mm IP65 tape Blue FXLED-IPBE-XX
8mm IP65 tape Green FXLED-IPGN-XX
8mm IP65 tape Neutral White FXLED-IPNW-XX
8mm IP65 tape Red FXLED-IPRD-XX
8mm IP65 tape Warm White FXLED-IPWW-XX
8mm standard tape Warm White FXLED-WW-XX
900mm Cool White/Warm White LED Striplight ZEUS-90
Aluminum Profile Broad (9986) VT-7103
Aluminum Profile Corner Matt (9987) VT-7104
Aluminum Profile Narrow Flat Cap (9982) VT-7101
Aluminum Profile Narrow Round Cap (9984) VT-7102
Cable connector for DAYLIGHT SIMULATION STRIP, 10 pieces SLV550262
Clips for DELF C PRO, 10 pieces SLV631472
Clips for TUBELIGHT LED, 100 pieces SLV233010
CombiLED Indirect Kit JC71154
CombiLED Linear Light JC71150
Connection cable for LED STRIP OUTDOOR, 4-pin, plug and coupler, IP65, 1m SLV229820
Connector - LED Strip 3528 (3503) VT-3503
Connector - LED Strip 3528 Cross Type (3509) VT-3509
Connector - LED Strip 5050 (3504) VT-3504
Connector - LED Strip 5050 Cross Type (3510) VT-3510
Connector - LED Strip 5050 L Type (3511) VT-3511
Connector - LED Strip 5050 RGB (3505) VT-3505
Connector - LED Strip DC Female (3512) VT-3512
Connector for MULTIFUNCTION module, 20cm SLV234011
Connector for MULTIFUNCTION module, 50cm SLV234012
Connector plug for LED strips, 10 pieces SLV550190
Corner Mounted Profile aluminium proifle with polycarbonate cover PAC
Corner Profile with clear diffuser UCC-FXLEDWH-1.0
Corner Profile with Clear diffuser with FX120 LED TAPE UCC-FX120
Corner Profile with Frosted Diffuser UCF-FXLED
Corner Profile with frosted diffuser TCF-FXLEDWH-1.0
Corner Profile with Frosted Diffuser with FXLED120 UCF-FX120
Corner Profile with opal diffuser TCO-FXLEDWH-1.0
DAYLIGHT LED-STRIP, 24V DC, 20 warm white LED, 10 white LED SLV550260
DELF C PRO 1000, RGB, 60 LED, DC 24V SLV631463
DELF C PRO 1000, warm white, 60 LED, DC 24V SLV631462
DELF C PRO 1000, white, 60 LED , DC 24V SLV631461
DELF C PRO 500, RGB, 30 LED, DC 24V SLV631453
DELF C PRO 500, warm white, 30 LED, DC 24V SLV631452
DELF C PRO 500, white, 30 LED, DC 24V SLV631451