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Lighting Design

Lighting Designers Plymouth - Devon.

At Efficient Light we have been assisting with the specification of energy efficient lighting for 10 years now and have developed this into a design service.  We are now able to assist you with the design and supply of your lighting system - whether you are the client, specifiier, builder or architect. 

Efficient Light was started 10 years ago as a result of exactly this situation, as an energy consultant I was used to discussing requirements with clients and arriving at product solutions, as such I was surprised when I took on a large refurbishment project and struggled to get assistance with the specification and supply of 'efficient' and LED lighing options - this was the begining of Efficient Light.. 

Lighting Ideas

Efficient Light offer a range of support services for our clients, helping you specify energy efficient lighting with no negative impact on either the look or operation of your home or business.

Off plan design service - send in plans of your new build or refurbishment property and we'll help you specify the lighting scheme for your new home or business.  We often get asked to provide 100% LED specification for example which is a good demonstration of the information that will help you focus your ideas and assist us in making useful suggestions;

  • how far do you want to go in terms of efficiency...100%
  • budget - even within the scope of Efficient Light there is huge variation in our manufacturers prices, we'll aim to offer you good value and quality
  • style is obviously crucial - is the tone of the building modern or traditional for example?
  • the more information you can provide the better

We are happy to help even if you only want to change one fitting, again send us as much information as you can about the existing situation and what you are hoping to achieve, style, budget and practicalities like size and the brightness you require.  We aim to provide you with feedback and a selection of options and prices.