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Low Energy Lighting, Light Fittings & Light Bulbs

Low energy light bulbs, lamps and light fittings; energy efficient lighting so save energy and money . We are the first choice for all your low energy lighting needs in the UK . We are offering a wide selection of energy saving lighting products for your home or business. We specialise in energy saving light bulbs, energy efficient light fittings and LED lighting. Having been operating for 7 years now we have heard all the questions there are on energy efficient lighting and efficient products and our experienced staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have 0800 043 8893 please feel free to contact us.



Outdoor Lighting

LED Lightbulbs
LED bulbs to replace both halogen and traditional bulbs
Low Energy Lightbulbs
Bulbs of all shapes, sizes, wattages and fittings - all low energy
Spotlights & Downlights
Ceiling mounted single, double and quad down lights
Floor & Decking Lights
Uplighters in a wide selection of finishes and colours, for use both indoors and outdoors
LED Lights & Fittings
Energy saving LED light fittings
Ceiling Lights
There's no need to compromise on style with our range of contemporary ceiling fittings
Wall Lights
Wall mounted and recessed light fittings
Outside Lighting
IP Rated light fittings for use outdoors
LED Strips
Fantastic LED Strip lighting solutions
Warehouse Lighting
High Bay, Low Bay and Flood Lighting for warehouse and commercial applications
Under Cabinet Lighting
Low energy and LED under cabinet lighting solutions, wide range.
Outside Lighting
Switches, sockets & additional components available from Efficient Light

Low Energy Lighting - Why Choose Efficient Light?

Efficient Light specialise in making homes and businesses more energy efficient, specifically in the area of lighting. We have a full range of low energy and LED light bulbs and lamps, energy saving dimmable light bulbs so that you no longer have to sacrifice your mood lighting in order to be energy efficient. We are independent and therefore only sell lighting products which meet our standards for looks, size, light output, reliability, payback time and energy efficiency. We aim to have a low energy option available to replace every style and fitting of traditional lighting.

We also offer LED lighting and pride ourselves on offering some of the latest fit and forget, high output LED lighting options. LED lighting these days can be both warm white and extremely bright with viable alternatives to many traditional and halogen lamps and light fittings.

Efficient Light also offer trade discounts, and we have helped many hotels, retail premises, stately homes to lower their running costs with the use of energy saving lighting. We have also helped a number of hotels, care homes, village hallsdomestic and commercial clients re-design their lighting schemes with efficiency in mind.

At Efficient Light, we run a low energy lighting 'bulb library' service for various County Councils, Eco Centres and Educational facilities. This involves assisting Councils for example to a Bulb Library to lend to members of the public and their staff as a way of encouraging the use of energy saving lighting, and for people to familiarise themselves with the large range of options we stock in energy efficient and LED light bulbs and lamps . 

In most homes, lighting accounts for 10-15% of the electricity bill. Replacing old and inefficient light bulbs will reduce the cost of lighting your home significantly. It is possible to save up to £9 per year, per bulb, by replacing your incandescent bulbs with energy efficient versions as available in our online shop. This means that your investment will be paid off within a year for the majority of our energy efficient light bulbs.

Energy saving light bulbs have a number of advantages over traditional light bulbs:

  • They are 5 times brighter than traditional light bulbs.
  • Use 80% less power than traditional light bulbs to provide the same light level.
  • Our bulbs have a 10 year life span at 3 hours of use a day meaning less changing of light bulbs needed.
  • Saving energy helps the environment by reducing the expected impacts of climate change.
  • The cost of energy saving lights continues to drop while the quality continues to improve.

Efficient Light - making your homes greener and more affordable to run.....

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